Case Study 1 – Infundibular Caries

This chart is of  Murph, a 17 year old cob gelding.


Murphy had developed 2 fractured front molars, (see image 1 with arrows). Both teeth would need to be removed entirely. However, the loose fragments would be causing discomfort when eating.


These fragments were therefor removed immediately with Murph under sedation and having local anaesthetic. (Image 2 – The tooth fragments after extraction)

The reason for the fractures is down to severe infundibular caries which weakens the structure of the tooth and the decay eventually fractures the tooth into fragments causing pain and discomfort.


In the photograph with circles you can see his 4th cheek teeth have also developed severe infundibular caries. (Individual oral photos of both).

I have therefore referred Murphy onto Neil Townsend of Three Counties Equine Hospital to have infundibular restoration (fillings) carried out. (This a procedure I will hopefully be offering in the future).


Whilst having that procedure performed, Neil will also extract the rest of the fractured front teeth. I am sure this will prevent further fractures and allow Murph many more years of pain free eating and riding.