At Sanderson Equine Dentistry I aim to provide the best dental care for your horse at a competitive price.

All prices shown are inclusive of VAT.

Routine Rasp

Including visit, sedation, examination, charting, balancing and rasping;

1 horse £95.00

2 horses £85.00

3 horses £80.00

4-5 horses £75.00

6 + and Yard discounts available on discussion.

(a visit charge may be incurred for distant mileage, please see visit map)

Wolf Tooth Removal

£40.00 for 1 or 2 wolf teeth if done at time of routine rasp, including local anaesthetic and additional sedation if required.

£110 for 1 or 2 wolf teeth, including travel, local anaesthetic and sedation if done as a separate procedure.


Diastema management if done at time of routine rasp

  • Flush, pick and pack single diastema £30.00 (additional diastema £10.00-£70.00 time dependent)
  • Packing material £7.50 per horse
  • Partial widening, including flushing and picking of single space £45.00 (additional spaces £25.00 per space)
  • Full widening of single space £65.00 (additional spaces £45.00 per space)
  • Calcium hydroxide paste £45 per horse

Additional Sedation

If significant additional sedation is required for certain horses or for certain procedures £35.00 extra will be charged.

Dental Restoration/Fillings

£275, Includes drilling, filling and flushing of the 1st infundibula caries and all filling/restoration materials. Each additional infundibula restoration/filling is £125.

Molar Extractions

£ (case dependant)

Incisor Extraction

£ (case dependant)

Antibiotic and anti-inflammatory treatment if needed

Costs will be additional, dose and dental pathology dependent.


Payment will be expected at the time of your visit. A portable card reader is available as long as mobile phone reception is available. Cheques are not accepted. BACS payments can be made in advance of the visit.

VAT Reg No 394 8820 47


For more information please call Mark on 07377 418779 or email

For more information please call Mark on 07377 418779 or email